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Happy New Year!

I have a full three-day weekend with NO obligations. No family stuff, no client business, nowhere I had to be.  This is rare for me. So I decided to do things I don’t usually have time to do. #1 was a TV binge.

Saturday, I watched the entire first season of Jessica Jones on Netflix. All 13 episodes. I loved it! Can’t wait to find time to binge the next one, Luke Cage.

I also finished reading the third book in the Thursday Next series, The Well of Lost Plots (Jasper Fforde). I adore this series! I do recommend starting with the first book, The Eyre Affair, to fully understand the world. Also, some familiarity with classic novels is helpful, but not necessary. You can still get the story, you just don’t get all the references.

In Lost Plots, Thursday is hiding out in an unpublished book, taking some time to recover from the last two, and enjoy her pregnancy. Of course, the R & R doesn’t happen, since she’s caught up in taking her test to become a Jurisfiction Agent. (Yes, reading in order makes the world easier to understand.) There are plots to fix, characters to develop, and devious bad guys to expose. Not to mention the memory problems she’s having as a result of her battle with Aornis Hades. It’s bad enough that Thursday’s husband has been eradicated, but now Aornis is trying to steal her memories of him too!

I highly recommend this series. Read them in order, and fall in love with a world of books.

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve, 7:15 pm. I think I’ll make a cup of cocoa and get to know Luke Cage…

So that you can read the Thursday Next books too: (yes, they’re affiliate links. You use these links to buy, I earn some pennies)

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